Checklist for Hiring an Electrician in Perth

Professional electricians spent so many years studying and mastering the basic and complex concepts of wiring and electricity. It is also a risky job, hence, making it all the more important to hire an expert and knows the ins and outs of electrical wiring in your home or office. If you are in Perth, there are electrical services companies that have qualified electricians available to fix faulty wirings in your home. These qualified Perth electrician have been in the business for a long time, thus making them more reliable when it comes to fixing home and office electrical problems.

Selecting Qualified Electricians

Not all electricians are qualified to fix faulty wirings and related electrical problems. Below is a checklist to help you save money and be more confident about your home’s electrical needs with the right choice of a Perth electrician:

  • Gather quotes or information regarding the hourly rates for electricians within your area.
  • Take a note of your electrical problems at home that you need the electrician’s services for.
  • Look at the job you need and the level of experience or expertise needed to fix them. Compare this side by side with the rates that you have gathered. Using your own judgment, cut down the list to at most five electricians. Call each of these electricians individually so you can make further inquiries about the job.

During the Call

When you are speaking to an electrician over the phone (or in person), here are some guidelines to consider to narrow down your options:

  • Discuss in-depth about your electrical problems. Ask them if they have handled similar electrical problems in the past. If not, then you can ask them if they have sufficient expertise or training to handle this kind of problem.
  • Aside from knowing if the electrician you are talking to has the training or knowledge to address your problem, ask them about their proposed solution. A good quality technician should be able to know the most efficient and effective way to fix common electrical problems, large or small.
  • Confirm their rates. Make sure that you both agree to the rate before you confirm the details of the job. The least you would want to happen is to be shocked by your electrician’s bill.

Additional Reminders

Avoid the hassle of having to call a second electrician to fix the job of another. Get it right the first time with these important reminders:

  • Ask the electrician to do an overall inspection of your electrical system at home. This is a good measure to identify any other problems before they arise. It will also end up being more cost-efficient for you since the service will be charged as add-on fee.
  • Consider rewiring your entire house. It is an important safety measure to prevent faulty wiring, which is also one of the leading causes of house fires.
  • Ask your electrician about tips to maintaining your electrical system at home by yourself. The best electricians care about your welfare and are not only there for the money.

If you’re looking for a Perth electrician that offers good value for money and lots of expertise, find out more about BT Electrical Service. They specialize in electrical services within Perth and offers round-the-clock service. For your electrical emergencies, check out to learn about the services they offer.

Quick Guide to Time Base Correctors

Do you have home videos to archive but the noise and glitches are annoying you? Or, do you want to have an almost HD view of your 90s TV series recorded in VHS? Invest in a good time base corrector.

This article will guide you to the basics of time base correctors, such as:

  • Description of the time base corrector
  • Types and uses
  • Buying the right time base corrector

What is a time base corrector?

A time base corrector, or simply known as TBC, is a tool that corrects the image quality and signal of videotapes. Glitches and noises from old videos will be eliminated or reduced once worked with TBCs. These timebase correctors especially work on VHS and S-VHS tapes.

In simple words, when the video is being inputted into a buffer, a TBC corrects it before it shows to the viewer.

Remember, “TBC” can likewise apply to any type of correction. If you want to really know more about how TBC works, you have to examine a device and analyse what TBC does inside.

Types and Uses

1 – Modern Standalone, External Full-Frame TBC

  • This TBC reduces on-screen jitter.
  • It overwrites noisy signal area, which prevents image quality issues.
  • This provides a stable signal that avoids dropped frames or premature recording stops on DVD recorders

2 – S-VHS VCR Line TBC

  • This is the most recommended TBC, however, it doesn’t really remove vertical jitter.
  • This TBC removes and/or reduces Chroma noise, which is the red or blue mist that can be seen on all VHS tape formats.
  • It also removes geometric distortions, like the horizontal jitters. These horizontal jitters are the wiggling lines of older video, like the ripples on a lake.

3 – DVD Recorder ‘TBC’

  • Be wary of this type of ‘TBC’, as sometimes it’s often just a frame synchronizer.
  • It does, however, remove Video Tearing. Tearing is the “waving flag” glitch you sometimes see on old videos.
  • Other DVD recorders also digital noise reduction (NR), but this can cause blurring or ghosting in the video. Thus, DVD recorders are not usually suggested to replace Standalone TBCs completely.
  • DVD recorders are only useful when a video has a lot of tearing.

4 – DV Converter Box ‘TBC’

This TBC is suitable for small studios and simple switching applications. It fixes poor time-based signals and synchronizes track errors in playback.

Buying the Right Time Base Corrector

Here are some tips for buying the right TBC:

  • Don’t buy old TBC models, especially if you’re dealing with digital conversion.
  • Opt for late 2000s models, as they are more suitable for analogue-to-digital workflows.
  • The highly recommended move is to invest in an S-VHS VCR that has TBC, with an external standalone frame sync TBC, to enhance the image and signal quality.